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Sic Bo Rules

Sic Bo is a relatively easy game that shouldn’t be too hard for you to pick up. The game should be suitable for any regular casino player hat may already have experience playing casino games. When looking at a Sic Bo board, it may look a bit difficult, but the game is in fact very easy to pick up. The game allows players to bet on a combination of numbers that will show when the 3 dice of the game are thrown.

The bet the player places could be a combination of numbers, a single number showing on any of the dice or two specific numbers that the player chooses.

Sic Bo strategy

There is a variety of a few different Sic Bo strategies that you should follow. You can probably expect the best edge with a few different bets like the small bet, the big bet and the combination bet.

Small and big bets in Sic Bo are a bet on a fixed number. This is an easy bet and the outcome is relatively good hence you have good chances at winning your bet.

The combination bet also offers a very low house edge at 2.77 %. The odds to win this bet are probably 6:1. The combination bet is a bet on for example two different outcomes.

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